Jacqueline Pye


Writing Competitions

I've been entering competitions for ages, and have learned that research into what's currently winning has been very important, as well as what the judges themselves like to write. Then, of course, every word of every entry rule has to be obeyed!

As a result, there have been a number of prizes in the last few years with limericks, flash fiction and short stories. For the 2017 Winchester Writers' Conference competition I've submitted 3 poems originally written for the online poetry course on which I'm currently studying and getting decent grades.

The National Association of Writers' Groups have a rolling 100-word competition and there are currently two of my flash fictions in the mix. Have to have goals, and currently mine is to get placed in a poetry competition by the end of 2017.

In Southampton's Festival of Words SOToSpeak15, I was surprised and delighted to receive first prize in the Writing Buddies competition in both of the categories entered: flash fiction and non-fiction. The event is happening for the second time this year; as soon as details are available I'll be starting work on some possible entries, maybe both poetry and flash fiction.

Not much very recently in comp results, as I've had annoying health issues for about a year; after complicated but successsful surgery things are nearly back to normal and still improving, so the Pye brain is getting into gear. (So is Mr Pye's - following an earlier win locally, he has just submitted a poem to the Winchester Writers' Festival! If he beats me, he does the dishes for a month.)